Sat Ii Math!

<p>I'm just wondering what SAT II Math would be best for me. I got the real SAT II book and I got around a 750 on the Ic and a 680 on the IIc (without practicing for either). I'm confident that I would be able to increase the IIc one up to mid 700's possibly, and I think I could get high 700's or even an 800 on the Ic. So what would be better to take? Should I take the IIc and probably get a lower score just because its a higher level, or do colleges not really care about which one, just as long as you have a high score?

<p>Well, if you can get the Math IIc 750+ take that. If not, take the IC, but be warned: the curve is not very generous for the IC. If you have a bad test day, you could easily find yourself sliding into the low 700's / high 600's. I would suggest taking many more practice tests to see what you are best at after practicing more.</p>

<p>If you sign up for one and then switch on the test day are you charged for that? And if so, how much?</p>

<p>From what I've heard, they do not charge you extra if you switch tests, only if you take additional tests (like signing up for 1 test and taking 2)</p>

<p>You are not charged at all. You can sign up for three tests and then show up on test day and take three completely different tests (except for language with listening).</p>

<p>couldn't you just take both maths?</p>