SAT II newbie, help me out

<p>So I just registered for the subject tests in math iic, literature, and us history. i have a prep book for iic, but as for the other two...</p>

<p>-US History: I'm takin the AP test next week, and have studied my ass off for that... do I really need to do any extra studying for ther sat II test--i'd assume it would be about the same? I took the 16 question sample on, and it seems like my studying for the AP test should suffice</p>

<p>-English Lit: I get good scores on ACT reading/english and SAT verbal sections--isnt this English Literature test about the same as the reading passages on the SAT and ACT? If not, how is it different?</p>

<p>Thanks everyone.</p>

<p>bump. not a difficult question, but sorry for the newbie-ness, i guess.</p>

<p>dunno about Lit, but suggest you get a Subject book for SATII US. Even thought you will be well prepared for the material by studying AP US, it woudn't hurt to take 1-2 practice SAT II tests for timing purposes. Gotta keep moving for the one hour.</p>

<p>btw: a lot of kids on this forum, do not recommend taking 3 subject tests in one sitting. Perhaps you could take the History test in May -- standby if you haven't registered.</p>

<p>uh oh...i already registered for em... why not take all three at once? are the time constraints really that bad? ill look for some practice SAT II US tests, thanks.</p>

<p>can anyone answer my question about the english lit test?</p>