SAT II Physics help

<p>For anyone who took the SAT II Physics, what's the best was to study it. Practice tests, concept mastery, or other.</p>

<p>sleep with a very hard physics book under your pillow. I suggest Halliday, Resnick and Walker, it's my AP Physics C book. maybe all that info will rub off some how. if you don't notice anything, your pillow may be blocking the transmission. in that case, sleep on the book itself. a week and a half of bad sleep is worth a good grade.</p>

<p>honestly thought, you shouldn't need to master too many concepts at this point as you should have done that in previous years. chances are you didn't cover some stuff in your physics class that'll be on the test, so get that stuff down. review stuff you're shaky on. i bought the Barron's SAT II book and it really helped me. i got a 780. its a good book because its questions are hard and if you can get them you'll fly through the test. also try the sleeping thing. any port in a storm...</p>

<p>I thought that the free sparknotes online physics guide was helpful, but then again I got a 740. We hadn't done electricity, magnetism, or modern physics in my physics class, so that definitely was part of the problem. You have to be certain you know the basic concepts and formulas; in my class we were allowed to have the formulas in front of us during tests, but obviously no such luck with the SAT II.</p>