SAT II Physics Question

<p>Im taking the SAT II Physics test in November. Im current enrolled in a ****ty physics class (the best my school offers) and we so far have spent 2 months on Kinematics.... Ive been self-studying the Kaplan book for physics and have most of it memorized and understood. I was wondering how accurate the 22 SAT II Subject test books physics test is. If you took the real test and that test can you comment on how accurate it was. Thanks a bunch.</p>

<p>i recommend PR</p>

<p>so you've only taken 2 months of physics and you want to take the SAT II? don't. ive taken a whole year of physics and am now in AP Physics C and I still had to prep for topics never covered last year and yet to be covered this year and i still thought some of the questions on the test were tough. If it's the Collegeboard's Real SAT IIs book, I'm guessing that it's 100% accurate in that it was a real test. If you get good scores on them, then I guess you can try the real deal, but if you took a science last year, i'd bet on that instead</p>