SAT II prep books--do they ALL suck??

<p>ive been lookin on for a good prep book for sat ii us history and literature, but the people leave comments saying that the barrons, princeton review, and sparknotes are crap prep books. apparently Kaplan got some decent reviews, but those books arent in stock. what should i do??</p>

<p>i thought REA was good for US. I got the barrons for world history last year; DONT GET IT. </p>

<p>You can't really study for literature. just need to know terms, so go to library and run through a practice book to see format.</p>

<p>I am really liking the Kaplan US History... Buy it off a different store, you can find one.</p>

<p>bump. anyone else got any advice? is that true, REA is the only good one for us history?</p>

<p>err, i mean, is there really no way to study for literature?</p>