SAT II prep books

<p>Well I got:
660 Chem
700 Writing
640 MathIc.</p>

<p>I'm angry and I want to crush those tests like Thor now.</p>

<p>Does anyone have opinions on what the best prep books are for these subjects? I think what hurt me the most was waiting until the last couple of days before the test to really study, and I think if I go at a slower pace studying I can get a better score in december.</p>

<p>Writing - don't think you need to re-take... but if you decide to, get Barrons or Kaplan.. I personally used Barrons, but I've heard both prepare you well...</p>

<p>I wasn't too upset about the writing, I just want a 7 and any two numbers afterwards in the rest of my test scores. I rushed through the PR chem book and got a 690 and a 780 the night before on the practice test, so I'm not sure the book really prepared me very well for the test.</p>