Sat Ii Question Urgent

<p>Which SAT IIs do you suggest I sign up for? (deadline in 1 hour)? I'm in 11th grade and I'm taking precalculus honors at the moment, physics honors (though i wont take physics sat ii because i ahvent learned anyhting due to my teacher), ap us history, ap chemistry, and ap english language. i want to get into a technology school like virginia tech or mit</p>

<p>i want to sign up for
us history sat ii
and the math iic sat ii (should i do the ic or the iic? the ic one is easier)</p>

<p>any suggestions?</p>

<p>ok i am choosing</p>

<p>us history
math iic (level 2)

<p>good choices?</p>

<p>Why not take Chemistry?</p>

<p>im already doing the ap chemistry exam so it would be kind of redundant. </p>

<p>that sound good?</p>

<p>i am taking the ap us history exam also but i need a little slack off on the june sat iis</p>