Sat Ii Question -- Urgent

<p>Okay -- This past June I took the SAT II's in two subjects: Writing, Math IC, and Chemistry. I was extremely unhappy with my scores for the Writing and Math IC exam. Therefore, I'm taking both exams over tomorrow morning. I am very confident that I'll score over a 650 on these exams, as I've been studying since August for them. In addition, I am borderline for NYU so my question is: do colleges really mean when they say that they ONLY look at your highest score? I did extremely bad on my writing and I REALLY do not want them to hold this bad score against me in their decision making process. Afterall, I am making up for the bad score.</p>

<p>BTW - The SAT II's are not required for NYU, but they certainly help the admissions officers have a better sense of how you perform on a national level.</p>

<p>Let me know,

<p>Well, they'll see all of the scores, but what I think they mean is that they will not take anything except your best scores into consideration when looking over your application. As long as you haven't taken a test too many times, you should be fine.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice!</p>