SAT II Question

<p>I originally signed up to take three SAT II exams for this December: Writing, Math IIC, and Chemistry.<br>
Just so you know my SAT II scores:
780 Physics (10/04)
750 Math IC (10/04)
740 US History (10/04)
720 Chemistry (01/04)
700 Writing (01/04)
Now, I want to retake the Writing and get a higher score since colleges are obsessed with Writing, and I need to take Math IIC for certain colleges. But that leaves me with one extra test to take (since on test day you can substitute certain tests for those you already registered to take). I don't want to retake Chemistry (I signed up for Dec. SAT IIs before I got my October scores and registered for three in case one of my Oct. SAT IIs came out as a horrible score) because it's been 1.5 years since I took the course, and I don't want to retake any of the others because I don't want it to seem like I'm "fishing" for good scores (because they're already pretty good). I wouldn't get a good score on other SAT IIs, so even though I registered for three, can I only take two? </p>

<p>I remember hearing that if you sign up for three and only take two, you'll end up leaving an entire test blank and that supposedly tells the College Board that you want to cancel your scores for that testing session (which, in Dec., I obviously DO NOT want to do). I'm not entirely certain on that, but can anyone let me know what the deal is? Do I have to take three, or can I actually leave one test blank with no penalty? And if leaving one blank DOES cancel your scores, is there a way to cancel registration for one test before December 4? </p>

<p>Any help is most greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>This is what I did on October SAT - I registered for Writing and Literature, asked the proctor if I could take only writing, she allowed, so I took only writing. Eventually, I received a Writing score, which means it was not cancelled.</p>

<p>There are lots of recent threads about this.</p>

<p>You don't have to ask the proctor to not take a test. You can choose to not take one. If you don't fill out anything on the answer sheet about the test and just leave, you will only receive a score for the tests you took. However, if you write in the name and code of the test you aren't taking and leave it blank, it will be considered a cancellation. You don't have to ask your proctor. Lots of proctors are just volunteers and might give you wrong information.</p>

<p>Alrighty, thanks a lot guys. You're a big help.</p>

<p>if ur still unsure contact collegeboard theyre real helpful. theyll give the best answer. but i would recommend taking the two and sacraficing the money for the third.</p>