SAT II Question...

<p>Hey ive fulfilled the 3 mandatory SAT IIs (760 Math IIC, 750 Chem, 640 Writing ---retaking writing tho)</p>

<p>But I took Biology too sophomore year for giggles and got a pretty bad score... 630 biology ... do i need to retake that? i dont plan on writing it down on the application but theyd see it when i send the rest of my scores.</p>

<p>The college counselor at my school said it doesnt matter because they will see the score as "an appropriate score for the time" (id only had 1 year of freshman biology). But im a little worried they might care, and i could take it in december with the writing test im gonna take, but then id have to spend time studying and maybe get distracted from my application.</p>

<p>Any insight? advice? thanks</p>

<p>I'd leave it. Retake Writing and you'll be set.</p>

<p>Unless you have taken or are taking AP biology, I would not suggest a retake. The SAT II bio exam is extremely difficult (or it was for me), even after a year's worth of AP.</p>

<p>I will be taking the AP bio test in May ...and im in AP Bio now (HORRIBLE teacher tho) .... I took Bio-M sophomore year along with Math IC and writing and it was my highest score and i finished it earlier than the other 2 lol... so im sure i could do a lot better, its just a question of is it worth it?</p>