SAT II Score Choice Cornell - HELP!

<p>I took 3 SAT II's and I took the SAT twice. Therefore, cornell says:</p>

CORNELL UNIVERSITY has indicated that it considers all SAT scores in its review process and requires that you submit all SAT scores from all test dates.


<p>So if I submit all SAT's and only TWO SAT II's, my application will still be considered correct?</p>

<p>from the wording of what you quoted, it sounds like cornell wants EVERYTHING. that would includ all 3 sat IIs. </p>

<p>when i applied, i wasn’t really sure either because i didn’t think it was that clear. i just submitted everything. trust cornell to not dock you for trying to follow what they say. that meant that i submitted my us history sat 2 even though i’m applying to bio</p>

<p>I see. I guess I will do this for all schools that have this wording.</p>

<p>Also, in contrast, I am applying to Harvard which has score choice. Harvard says this:</p>



<p>So that means that I can just submit two SAT II’s out of the three I did, and one SAT (which had all of my highest individual sectional scores in one sitting), out of the two I did, correct?</p>

<p>yes, i believe so. if a school has score choice you can send whatever you want and hide whatever you don’t. =)</p>