SAT II scores dilemma

<p>I wrote my SAT I on October 9th, and I will get my score around the 22nd of October via phone or internet. Now, if I think that my SAT I is high enough to shoot at an ivy league (I live in Canada so that was basically the only reason for me to take the SAT's), I will register late for the November test date, or possibly wait until the December test date.</p>

<p>That being said, I likely will not have my SAT II scores back until it is too late for me to send an application (where I live in Canada, it will take a long time to get to the university in the USA, even if I air mail it). So on the application, do I just fill out the date taken for SAT II's, and leave the spot blank where it asks for your scores?</p>

<p>How should I go about doing that?</p>

<p>"So on the application, do I just fill out the date taken for SAT II's, and leave the spot blank where it asks for your scores?"</p>

<p>Yes. You're not applying ED or EA are you?</p>

<p>If you will be prepared for them, sign up for the November SAT II's. That still leaves December for an emergency retake. Remember that weather can be a factor in winter.</p>

<p>I agree with Ohio_mom. Most colleges will not consider an app complete until they get the official scores anyways. If you indicate to Collegeboard that you want the scores sent straightaway to the colleges of choice, they will get them as fast as possible. If the college accepts rush delivery that is also a route to go--some schools do not so do check if that is an option. </p>

<p>You can send packages next day air, certainly with a few days from Canada. I get stuff from there all of the time within a couple of days. </p>

<p>The warning about weather is definitely warrented. The SATs were deferred last year and the forecast is for a hard winter.</p>

<p>No, I'm just applying for regular decision, not ED/EA.</p>

<p>Okay here's another question:</p>

<p>Say I get my SAT I back, and I only get in the 1200's. I could rewrite my SAT I for November, see if I do better. Then I could register late again for the December date and take my SAT II's.</p>


<p>Say I get my SAT I back, and I get in the 1200's. I could write my SAT II's on the November date, to get a basis. Then when I get my marks back, could I write the SAT I over again if I wanted to on the December date?</p>

<p>If you will definately need SAT II's, do those in November, and use December to rewrite whichever needs it most. Once you have registered, you can change what tests you are actually writing (see the collegeboard site).</p>