SAT II Scores

<p>Hey all,
So I am taking an SAT II this weekend (Saturday) and was wondering something that I should probably clarify:
Do colleges and Universities see all scores that I get on an SAT subject test? Like, if I take this one a second time because I do not like my score, will colleges see the first one? </p>

<p>I really just want to know if it is OK for me to not do extremely well on this one.</p>


<p>It depends on whether you’re applying to schools that allow score choice. If they allow score choice, you send only the scores you want to send. If they do not allow score choice and you are submitting any SAT scores or SAT Subject Test scores, you’ll have to submit all of the scores you’ve received.</p>

<p>However, most schools will consider only your highest score on a particular test if you’ve limited yourself to a reasonable number of attempts. For the SAT or the ACT, that’s ideally two, and no more than three. For SAT Subject Tests, I’m not sure what the expectation is in terms of the number of attempts, but I wouldn’t recommend going beyond two.</p>

<p>Thanks so much… I will check on some HYPSM sites to find score choice options.</p>