SAT II Scores!

<p>So...I got a 670 in Math II and a 700 in honest, are those good, bad,...?
(I'm looking at UPenn, Cornell, Lehigh, Lafayette, TCNJ, Muhlenberg, and Rutgers)</p>

<p>Should I take them again?</p>

<p>Your subject test scores should generally be 750+ for UPenn and Cornell. I'm not familiar with the other scores on your list, however. You can obtain this information on their websites though. Find their average accepted applicant profile and compare your scores. Try to hit the 75th percentile, score-wise, in their general pool.</p>

<p>They're kinda "eh." Like Spatula said, you should really be aiming for a 750+ for UPenn and Cornell, idk about the others.</p>