Sat Ii!!!

<p>hey guys, ok so i was thinking of taking satII spanish. i only know two people who took it and theyre complete extremes, one has only taken spanish for about two years and the other one is a native speaker. i was wondering for the kids who took it how you studied, what your previous spanish experience was and if any of you took the ap test and did well on it or not. also, which books are most useful. im in ap literature now, which is the year after ap language, so i dont really remmeber basic grammar stuff. lemme know. thanks</p>


<p>How did you do on the AP Lang exam? If you did well on that, you should do fine on the SAT2 because it's easier. Just take the test, it can't hurt anything.</p>

<p>ap spanish lit. or ap english lit?</p>

<p>if you are in ap spanish lit. and went through ap spanish lang., buy the SAT II REAL book from CB... look over the test and take it. it's really basic from when i looked at it.</p>

<p>i got a 4 on the ap. language test. but that cuz i can speak and write well, not cuz i know grammar and stuff</p>