SAT II Spanish

<p>I impulsively (and stupidly) signed up for the Spanish SAT II in January. I am in Honors Spanish 4, and I am probably the best in that class. But I am kind of intimidated by the amount of native speakers that take the exam. What prep book is best? What else should I do to prepare? I am shooting for 750-800 on the test, is that possible? wow i am so screwwweeeddd</p>

<p>I used Barron's for the most part and Kaplan's (cuz it was free) a little bit. I was making usually about 530-570 on the practice tests, but on the real one, I got a 680 with extra time. I've only taken two years of spanish, but I didn't learn anything from them, cuz I've taught myself spanish off and on for the past two years. If your school has a strong foreign language department, and you are the best student, then a 700 shouldn't be too hard, and with a little bit of practice, a 750+ is definately possible. I skipped 5 and missed about 10 out of 85.<br>
If you'd like to know, I knew all the verb forms, fairly in-depth grammar, and I read short stories fairly often. My only shortcoming was vocab which is the only reason I didn't get that 750+. Pretty much, if you can read a newspaper and short stories and comprehend all of it without looking up words (but not necessarily knowing all the words), then you should do fine. Good luck. (Native speakers only take away the percentile)</p>

<p>I took the practice sat ii spanish exam and scored it. The score was similar to what i got on the real thing. I used Kaplan's and found it a bit helpful, but it was what i learned during my years of spanish that helped me most</p>

<p>Non-natives can definitely score 750+ on the exam - I'm proof of it. With two and a half years of Spanish (one and a half of which were taught by a horrible teacher), I managed a 760. I used Barron's for review and listened to Spanish radio the day before and morning of to get my mind primed for Spanish.</p>

<p>awesome, now i dont feel AS nervous. thanks guys</p>