SAT II vs. AP course? (World History and Literature)

<p>This year I took AP Lit. and AP World History, and I'm signed up to take the SAT II's in Literature and World History in June. Aside from the test formats, obviously, are there any important differences between the AP curricula and the SAT II material for these subjects? Anything I should study in either of these fields that might have been skipped over in my AP course?</p>

<p>And is it worth it to get a separate prep book for the SAT II's in these subjects, or will my AP prep books suffice?</p>

<p>This is what I want to know too...</p>

<p>I want to know this, as well! I am in the exact same position as the original poster.</p>

<p>the lit sat II is almost exactly like the critical reading portion of the sats. i haven't taken ap lit yet so i can't tell you what the sat II will be like in comparison to that, but i can say that there is nothing to worry about regarding the lit subject test as long as you're literate and decent at critical reading. there's no reason to buy another study book, especially if you've already taken the ap class, which i imagine is much more difficult than sat critical reading.</p>