SAT II vs AP Test

<p>Are the SAT II's basically the same thing as AP tests?</p>

<p>For example is the AP Chem Test similar to the Chem SAT II test?</p>

<p>^Not really.</p>

<p>The AP tests are more rigorous and cover more material, however most of the tests have a very generous curve.
The SAT 2 tests how you can apply your knowledge of a subject, and are usually harder to do well on.</p>

<p>60% on the toughest APs is a 5
60% won't even make a 600 on the SAT IIs.</p>

<p>"60% on the toughest APs is a 5
60% won't even make a 600 on the SAT IIs."</p>

<p>I hate that. Why does Collegeboard do that? It's totally inconsistent, not to mention annoying. :(</p>

<p>SAT II suppose to be easier and it is easier in my perspective. It required a no brainer to do the SAT II.
AP Chem is more rigorous because concept MC required more critical thinking.</p>

<p>I scored an 800 on the chemistry subject test and a 5 on the AP exam. I found the AP exam to be a lot tougher- more problem solving...</p>

<p>SAT tests are easier in terms of difficulty, but the catch is that the curve is much more brutal than the curve for AP tests. Pick your poison.</p>

<p>My junior D is taking AP Calc BC and AP Chem test in May. She is signed up for the May SATII in both subjects. What, if any, additional prep/review should she do for the SATIIs? She asked me to buy a review book for Math II, (she thinks Chem will be OK) but I'm wondering if it's necessary. (I also wonder if she will have any time to look at said book, as she is also taking the APUSH exam).</p>

<p>^There's no calc on Math 2 so you might want a review book.</p>

<p>nj2011mom, I hope you mean Math II as her SAT II test.
If so, buy Barron's. 7 included practice tests.</p>