sat ii writing advice

<p>hey for all u guys who scored 750-800 in the writing test, did u study for it? what did you do? what did you use to review grammatical concepts if you did?? any advice would be helpful thanks</p>

<p>Of course I studied - I used a plethora of prep books. SAT II Writing Kaplan, SAT II English Princeton Review. Did the grammar sections of the PSAT Barron's book and a few grammar sections from the PR 11 New Practice Tests. I also took the former tests from the Real SAT IIs and "The Official Study Guide for the SAT II Subject Tests" (an older book from the Collegeboard, also with former tests). </p>

<p>For grammar, I love "The Elements of Style".</p>

<p>Just practice, practice, practice.</p>

<p>didn't really study...just did quick review of top 20 common grammatical errors on the test for about an hour. when you're writing, though it's not required, it's best to write as much as possible and fill in the space. not saying that this will guarantee you a 12/12, but if you can get in an essay with a thesis, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusions, you should be set.</p>