SAT II Writing biases

<p>I am taking the SAT II writing in december. On the essay portion of the test the college board asks "Support your position with illustations from your observation, studies, reasing, or personal experience." I would like to know which one I should choose if I hope to get the best score. Do they usually favor personal experiences over observations of world events? Please help if you have scored high on this and have some useful insight.</p>

<p>Use books and historical examples for best effect</p>

<p>I agree with Duckstamper, although high scorers have also posted saying that personal experience is less subjective and is easier to support (although, I argue, you cannot give off the well-read impression). ... Currently, I'm not sure myself. </p>

<p>I scored well (perfect) on the SAT II Writing, but my essay score was not as perfect as the MCs were. So ... I guess I couldn't say for sure. I tried literature, though.</p>

<p>It really doesn't matter. Use whatever examples you can to write the best essay possible.</p>

<p>I'll reiterate my post from a previous forum: use personal experience. That way, readers can't disagree with your point or analysis.</p>

<p>12 essay, -4 MC, 800.</p>

<p>lavenderdream literature was hard as heck man. I cancelled those scores last year. That was the hardest SAT2's ive evr taken. The poetry was crazy. I recommend no one to take literature</p>

<p>Literature was BS. It's my lowest score (other than Latin, which is the score I shalt not speak of)- 720. Don't ever take it.</p>

<p>And w/ writing, the hierarchy is usually like this</p>

Personal Experience
Unspecific personal experience</p>

<p>The thing is, the writer will udnerstand the historical/literature part if you're clear. However, the advantage to using personal experiences is that you can make stuff up and the grader can't judge you on it.</p>

<p>well, if you are a VERY good writer, then go for personal experience. You have to be good to make it sound exemplary. However, if you know a lot but you cannot write particularly well, go with historical/literature. it's easier to sound smart and complex.</p>

<p>Go with historical
I got 12 in my essay,all MC correct</p>

<p>My essay topic was A great decision was made when.........</p>

<p>I wrote about the ending of the cold war</p>

<p>so is the consensus</p>

<p>1.if you're a good writer go ahead and do personal experiences if you want</p>

<p>2.if writing isn't your strong suit, go with history/lit.