SAT II Writing Multiple Choice Help

<p>Well, I've gone through Kaplan's SAT II Writing Book and the Sparknotes SAT II writing book, taken all their tests, and taken the one test in the Real SAT II subject tests. Started off getting around 15 wrong, but lowered it down to around 8 now. I've finally gotten that stupid faulty comparison in my head, and am working on those ones where they give you the sentence and you pick the one that best replaces it. For some reason, I always choose the passive choice answer! Stupid stupid. I hope(learned you can't say hopefully to start a sentence) I get that down come test time. </p>

<p>Anyway, could anyone give examples of the MC questions that they have the most trouble with. I'm mainly having trouble now with when to use who, whom, and when to use which and when and where, basically all the W words. Any help?</p>