SAT II writing - past essay questions

<p>Hey guys, for everybody who is doin SAT II writing in two weeks (NOV) or has done it already, could you please give us some essay writing tips / advice.</p>

<p>Also if anybody know any good websites to find past essay questions to practice on or remembers some themselves to please post it here.</p>

<p>Happy Revising ;)</p>

<p>for oct it was,</p>

<p>A great decision was made when ____________</p>

<p>from the Real SAT II's...
"There has always been great passion to bring about change"
"There has always been great passion to keep things the same."</p>

<p>Choose one.</p>

<p>I got an 800 on the october writing test, and if u want my advice--study
I studied barron's and sparknotes, they worked well. And if you really want a leg up i'll give u some really good advice most ppl don't do for the essay. the night before, do a little research. A person from literature, history, science, math, art, w/e and find out some facts about that person. that way, no matter what your essay topic is you will have some generic examples to throw at them and you know some facts to impress readers with, i think that's a really good way to prepare for the essay portion of the test</p>

<p>Mine was something like "Sometimes people make decisions. Write about people making decisions."</p>

<p>In other words... it was ridiculous.</p>

<p>For June 2004, it was something like: people are responsible for making decisions.<br>
just<em>forget</em>me, did you take it during Summer 2004? (June)</p>

<p>Yup. There might have been a little more to the question... but I think I summed it up pretty well.</p>

<p>"Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make, or fail to make."</p>

<p>I pretty much didn't study at all for the SAT II writing and I got an 800. I just did a practice test the day before and it turned out okay. I was too busy studying for IIC and US History and there really isn't much you can study for writing in my opinion.</p>

<p>also, I would counsel against trying to "prep" for the essay by studying something specific. just use an example from personal experience, your history class, a story your grandpa told you, something you saw in a movie, or whatever. if you have an essay in mind before you begin, its often hard to make sure it fits the question precisely.</p>

<p>Something along the lines of "Imperfection makes life more intriguing"
I wouldn't worry too much about examples. They don't have to be the most scholarly, as long as you can articulate it well and make it work for your essay. I'm particularly proud of how I used Tom Cruise as an example, lol. I got 10/12 and an 800, so I don't think they judge you by your examples.</p>

<p>go to they have reports on all the SAT II writing tests. </p>

<p>here: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
just click on the test date</p>