SAT II Writing & SAT I Verbal

<p>How are they different besides essay?</p>

<p>Verbal tests reading comprehension and "reasoning skills" through analogies and sentence completions.</p>

<p>Writing tests grammar and proper usage of English by asking you to identify sentence errors, finding the best replacement for certain parts of a sentence, and making paragraphs more coherent.</p>

<p>not much at all...but verbal used to have analogies, and it also has critical reading (Writing only has paragraph improving--it's technical, not critical)</p>

<p>"not much at all" - actually, they are two very different tests...</p>

<p>Since i've only taken old sat, i'll talk about verbal from that and writing:</p>

<p>Verbal includes sentence completions and analogies (where knowledge of vocabulary is useful) as well as critical reading. Writing tests you not so much on vocab and such but more on grammar. There are questions where you find what's wrong in the sentence (like subject -verb agreement, you also need to know which sentence would work best compared to others, and finally identify what's wrong in a passage/essay and find ways to improve it</p>

<p>So what do think colleges think when one submits a higher SAT ii writing score and a low SAT verbal score? (say 760 writing and 630 verbal)</p>