Sat ii

<p>Is it recommended we take 2 Sat II exams or 3?</p>

<p>im trying to get into cornell by the way!</p>

<p>Depends on the college you’re applying to. For architecture, they require 2 SAT Subject tests, and one must either be a Math 1 or Math 2 test. For engineering, there must be 2 SAT Subject tests, and one must be either a Math or Science test. So I would go to the admissions page for your college. Either way, it’s a bit too late to be thinking about this since the deadline for all admissions materials is January 2nd. The next SAT is January 26th. If you need to take another SAT now, I strongly suggest talking to the admissions representative for your college.</p>

<p>Kathryne Im passing out of high school in 2014! So i have a bit of time :P</p>

<p>The most that cornell is going to REQUIRE for admission to any school is 2. However, some schools, like CALS, do not require any subject tests. It may also be worth mentioning that cornell requires that you send all information on all subject tests taken. So you can’t take 3 SAT IIs and then pick the best 2 to send while hiding the third</p>

<p>I would take one math/science and one English/history, that way you will be covered for almost any college you want to apply to. I also don’t think more is better unless you could get very scores. It is also the case for your letter of recommendation, get one from math/science teacher and one from English/history/language teacher. Start cultivating good relationship with your current teachers.</p>

<p>You can directly find this out on Cornell’s admissions web page…Google can be your best friend:)</p>