SAT IIC - to take or not to take?

<p>I am a junior. I read somewhere that Stanford "strongly recommends" that you take two SAT II subject tests, and also recommends that you take SATII math IIC as one of them. I have decent (770 and 800) scores in two other subjects (no, not my native language or anything like that either)... but does that mean I should take the IIC anyway? Would it hurt me if I don't have IIC as one of my subject tests? I will be in AP Calc next year by the way, if that means anything (AB most likely). Thank you for your help!</p>

<p>Just take it (Math Level 2), because they'll only look at your top scores anyway...I think.</p>

<p>If you feel really prepared for it and think you can do well, then go for it. But if you don't feel prepared for it and would have to prep a lot (foregoing more important things), don't bother. I don't think having two extremely high SAT IIs not in math IIC will hurt you.</p>

<p>It won't? Hm, I think I would have to prep for it. Or at the very least, stress about it. But it won't be detrimental? Math was never one of my true strengths, anyway.</p>

<p>I think it would help. If your SAT I Math is pretty good and you feel confident that you know pre-calc stuff pretty well, go for it.</p>

<p>I think sat 2 math is one of the easiest tests to prep for. I think u should definitely do it because there is obviously a reason why they recommend doing it. Try your best you can, and don;t feel like you didn't try your best, if you end up not getting into a college of ur choice.</p>

<p>Most schools don't care about which SAT IIs you take, if any at all. The fact that Stanford recommends you take this one shows that it's relatively important to them. Given your math level you should have no trouble taking this test</p>

<p>Agree with jaguars. When applying to schools as selective as S, you should interpret "strongly recommended" as required. I'm not saying that everyone admitted took the Math 2C, but why would you want to reduce your chances of admission in any way? AOs will be looking any any factors that distinguish between candidates.</p>

<p>I was just looking at Stanford's freshman applicants testing requirements as part of researching an answer I just gave another student. I had always been under the impression Stanford wanted to see all applicants take the Math IIC, but here is what the website (Applying</a> to Stanford | Freshman Applicants | Testing Requirements) says:</p>

<p>"We recommend (but do not require) that you submit official results of at least two SAT Subject Tests, as these additional scores often assist us in our evaluation process. You are welcome to submit any and all SAT Subject Tests you have completed. We do not have a preference for the specific SAT Subject Tests you elect to take. However, if you elect to take a math test, we do prefer to see the Math Level 2 test if you feel that your math background has adequately prepared you for this test."</p>

<p>Based upon that, the official recommendation is take Math IIC IF you are taking a math test. Has anyone heard "unofficial" recommendations to the contrary or talked to a Stanford admissions officer about this? </p>

<p>To the OP, even if it is not an official recommendation to take the Math IIC, you may still want to depending upon how you are presenting yourself as a candidate. If you're a science/techy person it seems it would be a good idea. If you're a humanities person and do well, it would show strength across academic disciplines. But if you're a humanities person, and know despite studying hard, you would bomb it, then maybe you're better off not taking it. The fact that you will be in AP Calc next year makes me think you are quite capable of doing well on the test.</p>

<p>Thanks to 2blue for posting the actual wording, it is different from what was presented in the OP. Given this information, I totally agree with 2blue's assessment.</p>

<p>To throw my two cents in here:</p>

<p>I had a 690 on the Math IC SAT II (note: didn't even TAKE the IIC) and I got in anyway. I really don't think that the SAT IIs matter much, honestly. Attentuation, I don't think there's any need to take it considering your scores are excellent (and better than what mine were) already.</p>

<p>However, if it makes you feel better, by all means take it.</p>

<p>Funny thing is, I'm trying to sell myself as a biological science and humanities person-- I'm decent at physics, chem; very good at biology and humanities, but math isn't my best subject-- I've only gotten straight As (frosh and soph) as final grades and will get an A+ this year. (I know this sounds ridiculous/braggish or whatever - I don't mean it at all in that way! - but in actuality an A and A+ is quite different and will probably translate to a larger disparity in test scores.)
Thank you 2blue for finding that page-- that was where I had read it! Haha.
Um, would it be bad then, if I'm trying to sell myself as a science person and don't have math?
Thanks for all your helpful replies!</p>

<p>Um, would it be bad then, if I'm trying to sell myself as a science person and don't have math?</p>

<p>i like 2blue's advice.</p>

<p>since all freshman are undecided
they dont know if you are an im going to take humanities and run far far away from math
at some schools, that mindset would save you from having to take the math 2</p>

<p>but not stanford
from what i can tell, if you have had/are in pre calc
you should take math 2</p>

<p>many schools require it
most want it</p>

<p>it looks good and isnt that hard, again if you've had precalc</p>

<p>i got a 630 the first time, but the test is kinda a throwback the first time you see it</p>

<p>the second time i got a 780</p>

<p>so its def do-able, just leave time to take it twice</p>

<p>in my opinion you should def take it</p>

<p>i think that every applicant should have at least one high score in math/science and then in a humanity to seem balanced</p>

<p>I think what the stanford admissions site really means is that IF you decide to take a math SAT II, they recommend that it is IIC.</p>