SAT II's bio/phy/chem/math... All Hail...

Does the type of major you want to choose decide which SAT II u take?</p>

<p>Changing tracks, Are junior year courses (without APs) enough to do these tests ...or are APs essential. (I am talking about a perfect/near perfect score ofcourse) </p>

<p>I was planning on the BIO for this may (completing junior year) but maybe physics will be easier at this stage??
Enlighten me!!! Pls</p>

<p>Sometimes your intended area can influence which SAT IIs you take, because the university may have specific requirements; for example, if you planned on applying to the school on engineering, then university might require Math II and Physics, while someone applying to the college of arts and science might just be required to present any two subjects.</p>

<p>I don't know how your school handles it, but our school has an "Honors" Physics (2sem/1period) which I am enrolled in right now. There is too much material to know everything on this exam, but the curve accounts for that. Your best bet would be to take AP or at least get a prep book to skim through concepts you are unfamiliar with. Still, you could probably get a score of 650-700 with a 1 year prep course, but unless you're a complete physics star, getting an 800 with just an honors course will be tough (I anticipate a few people responding saying they did, but hey it's CC).</p>