SAT IIs? dang

<p>I am filling out the JHU application and I thought I would browse this forum-thingy for some help, so now I feel thoroughly confused/ disheartened (?); it seems that everyone has taken SAT IIs and that JHU requires them.... I was just wondering if they are required or just "strongly recommended." </p>

<p>JHU is the most selective college I'm applying to, and the other applications make it clear that SAT IIs are not required. JHU is definitely a reach for me (especially after comparing my stats! holy crap everyone is a super-genius!), but I was still going to apply since the other schools I'm applying to are sure safeties. It is my first choice, but more in a hopeful dream sort of way.... anyhoo my real question was whether SAT IIs are required for applying to JHU.</p>

<p>I hope I'm posting this right because I'm new with this whole cc stuff...</p>


<p>they're not required, theyre strongly recommended, and your not the only one worrying about them, mine are pretty bad too. but if ur applying rd, u still have time to take them.</p>

<p>"holy crap everyone is a super-genius"</p>

<p>luree_eccentricity brings up a good point....</p>

<p>Do you guys think that most of the people who post here on CC (JHU forum) above average JHU applicants, or simply average applicants (i'm pretty sure that we're not below average). The reason I ask is because a lot of the stats are very impressive and, as luree_eccentricity said, they can be very intimidating.</p>

<p>Well....many of my friends who are currently attending hopkins had "super-genius" traits....with stats even higher than ppl here at times. However, they say they feel like they are "jus avg" there....cuz there are so many smarter ppl. But I think the key is not to be intimidated by the super-geniuses, but rather intermingle with them and learn from them. It's the [variety of] people that make Hopkins what it is =).</p>

<p> how can i not be intimidated???</p>

<p>Think of it more as a challenge ;-)</p>

<p>there are alot of very intelligent people at hopkins, however this "super genious" persona is not the majority of the people here. So relax if your stats dont knock your socks off, hopkins like those who are well rounded, great thinkers, and those who love to learn.</p>

<p>"Super Genius" -- def. not me.... Ha Ha, funny discussion.</p>

<p>I did though want to respond to the initial post and state emphatically that SAT II scores are not required, but recommended. Read the full statement here:
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<p>I went to an open house at hopkins and they made it clear that subject tests are not required. and the way they were saying it , it was like they didn't really care about the tests.</p>

<p>But for me they make up for the low grades I got in my school's infamously hard science courses...</p>

<p>Example: I got a B in honors physics and a 720 on the SATII I guess they will help me (a little)...</p>

<p>Thanks to all who responded. I think I feel a bit of a weight lifted.</p>