SAT IIs for Columbia

<p>Literature- 700
Math II- 680
US History- 740</p>

<p>Will these scores hurt or help my application? I am planning on applying to SEAS and plan to retake the Math II, but I'm mainly cncerned on whether or not I should send in the Literature or US History.</p>

<p>the history and language are a bit low
history would be fine but you need another really good one
I would suggest trying to get one of your subject sat's in the 760-800 range and then send that with your history 740 and you should be fine</p>

<p>I was honestly surprised with the language, I went in on a whim. Thank you though. =]</p>

<p>only two SAT IIs for Columbia right? may I know which two? or any two?</p>

<p>I believe it is any two for Columbia College. But the Engineering School, which is SEAS, wants either Physics or Chemistry, and Math Level One or Math Level Twos.</p>