SAT II's for Yale EA

<p>Ok, here is the situation. I took 3 SAT II's in June: Writing (750), US History (790) and Math IC (670). On the SAT I, I got a 770 V and 730 M. If you have sensed a trend;I am not a math genius. I decided to take the Math IIC in October, thinking the curve would help me. Well, I got a 680. I have a 4.0 GPA, have taken many AP's and scored well, and I have a pretty good list of EC's. Essays are good and recs should be very good.<br>
Do you all think that one SAT II will make a difference? Should I try and retake the Math IIC in November to make the Yale EA deadline?</p>

<p>you remind me of me! hahaha I'd say to retake the IIc in nov. I want to do that, but I'm retaking my SAT then. Good luck!</p>

<p>Good luck with your SAT in Nov! Anyone else?</p>

<p>Retake. When we visited, a Yale adcom said try to get the SAT IIs to 760 or better. Fwiw. I'm sure others will post who got in with lower scores, but that appeared to be something to shoot for.</p>

<p>Very sound advice! I'm leaning towards taking in November as a stand-by. Has anyone out there done stand-by?</p>

<p>omg I'm screwed. I was depressed all day. This makes it worse!</p>

<p>I did stand-by, it was easy and straightforward.</p>

<p>Well, I just bought the 5 more tests for the Math IIC by Sparknotes today, and I will be taking it stand-by this November.</p>

<p>I have a similar dilema. My SAT scores are high (800m, 760v) and I have a 760 US History, 750 Math IC. However, my SAT II Lit. is only 720, and writing is 710. The problem is that there are speech and debate meets on the November and December dates, so I would have to not go, and may not get a much higher score. I may retake them in january for regular decision, but should I sacrifice and retake to get another 750+ SAT II?</p>

<p>Remember, Yale wants "any combination of three SAT II Subject Tests." This means you guys don't have to take Math Ic or IIc, if you don't want to (take another history maybe). At an info session I went to, the Yale rep said that you can even count Ic and IIc as two separate tests, if that's what you're good at.</p>

<p>Yes that is true, but I know I could do better on that Math IIC. Every practice test I took was higher than that. I'm taking more practice tests now and trying to get more prepared so that whatever happened on the last test does not happen again.
Also, do you guys know anything about rushing scores? How do I do this and how much does it cost?</p>

<p>I think it costs $23. You usually indicate if you want it when you sign up for the test. but since you're a standby, I'm not sure what you would do. Try calling collegeboard. :)</p>