sat II's: not taking a test you signed up for/taking one you didn't

<p>i originally signed up for three sat subject tests in june then decided it was too much so i signed up for one on the may date.</p>

<p>i know i won't get a refund, but will it affect my other two tests?</p>

<p>also, if i can manage to prepare for another test, i want to take two on the may will payment for it work if i decide to do both on test day and i only paid for one? by mail or online?</p>

<p>i tried looking for this info on collegeboard but couldn't find it.</p>

<p>As far as I know, you're only allowed to take as many tests as you've signed up for. So you can't take more.
You can, however, switch tests at the centre itself. So if you've signed up for math ii, physics and chem you can switch to math 11, physics and history. You can switch more than one also.
Also, if you just skip taking a test you're not graded on it.
I THINK that's how it works. Im not entirely sure but pretty certain.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you can take more, they just send you a bill for the extras...</p>

<p>If you sign up for 3 tests, but decide to only write 1 or 2, then all you will lose is the fee for the tests you took; it doesn't affect the tests you do write, and nothing shows up on your score report.</p>

<p>You can also write a different test than you signed up for, because they give you the question booklet with all of the tests in it (i.e. You signed up for Chem but decided you would rather write Literature)</p>

<p>If you only signed up for 1 test, but decide you want to write 2 or 3 on the test day, I think you talk to the proctor on test day, and perhaps pay right there (sort of like the stand-by kids) I'm not 100% sure on that, but I remember when I went in, there were a few students who were writing more tests than they originally paid for, and they just had to talk to the proctor for a bit...</p>