Sat IIs ... Physics or Chemistry

<p>For the SAT IIs... Physics or Chemistry? Which one do u suggest? Which one is easier? The only experience I have had is a Physics class last year and didnt learn anything... and a Honors Chemistry class in 10th grade. Im a senior in high school now.</p>

<p>I've taken both of them (both 800s), and my impression was that Physics was a lot easier. It requires very little specific knowledge and more problem-solving and math skills. Chemistry, on the other hand, seems to require a lot more little minutiae, but if you know the stuff, it doesn't take much thinking. Also, the curve on Physics is much nicer than Chem, so you can afford to miss a lot more.</p>

<p>I would recommend finding a copy of "Real SAT IIs" at a library, taking both tests, and seeing which one you score higher on.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you. What test prep book would u recommend?</p>

<p>For chemistry, Barrons is the only way to go. If you haven't had AP Chemistry recently, then you will have to study hard for the next six days. I mean HARD, because Chemistry covers a lot of material. I think Barrons' tests are closest ones to the real one is. I used this book after AP Chemistry to brush up on some material. I scored an 800, but I think that was because of the AP (the test questions are similiar, but easier for the SAT II), and because I had an awesome teacher.</p>

<p>For physics, I am using Princeton Review, and I like it so far. I think the test is very similiar to the real test (comparing it to the one in 22 Real), and its chapter reviews are helpful. The author shows you how to implement equations in many problems throughout each chapter. The only drawback to this book is that it only has two practice tests; the only other book that has comparable substance is Kaplan's, but I have heard that its tests are easier than the real.</p>