SAT IIs really matter?

<p>I just got back my II scores and they arent good at all compared to my other stats</p>

<p>SAT I : 680 V; 740 M</p>

<p>SAT II :
Math IIC- 710
Writing- 640
Literature- 570 (ahh!!)</p>

<p>should i retake writing and literature? im applying to: WashU, UMich, Emory, GW,UWisconsin,Penn State, UCLA, Tufts</p>

<p>I NEED HELP!!</p>

<p>You have lots of room for improvement, so you'd probably do better if you retook, but the schools you're looking at don't value them AS much, so I don't know...</p>

<p>wow I have almost the exact same scores with math and writing reversed (writing 710, math 630, lit 560 =(, but it was only my first time taking them so i'm definitly going to retake. I don't know about many schools on your list, but the UC's value them. gl!</p>

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