SAT II's/SAT subject

<p>I'm trying to get an idea of whether my SAT II scores are acceptable, but I can't find data for specific colleges and specific subjects. I got a 670 on the Math level 2 and a 600 on the Math level 1. Still waiting on my chemistry score. The colleges I am looking at are BU, JMU, UMass, UMD college park, Purdue and University of Illinois. My main concern is BU because they are the only ones that require SAT II's and this is also my reach since I'm looking for merit-aid. Do I need to take the SAT II's again?</p>

<p>For Purdue, UIUC, UMass, JMU and UMD, your scores might as well be zeros -- those schools neither require nor consider SAT IIs for admission. BU does not publish its ranges for subject tests but you should assume that mid-600s or higher are in the expected range for admission. Right now you have only one SAT II subject test score -- Math2 at 670. That is because colleges that require SAT IIs want them in different subjects and your two maths will count as only one and they will use the math with the higher score.</p>

<p>oh okay. thank you!!</p>