<p>So I applied Early Decision to CALS, Applied Economics and Management major. CALS RECOMMENDS that applicants submit two SAT II scores, preferably one in a math and one in a science. I took the subject tests in November. On Math IIC I got 740, while on Chemistry I got 510 (AWFULLLL, I SHOULD HAVE PREPARED MORE!!). Me being me, I had checked the box on collegeboard to send my scores as soon as possible to Cornell. That was my mistake. I should have waited to see my scores first. </p>

<p>I am wondering whether my chemistry score will hurt my admission chances (since CALS only recommended applicants to submit the scores). What does everyone think?</p>

<p>welll normally if you made up for the 510 with other parts of your app, i’d say you still have a pretty good chance. but the fact that you’re applying to AEM kinda changes things, since it’s so competitive. maybe i’m wrong though, guess we’ll find out thursday! good luck!!</p>

<p>What do you mean by balance out? I have been told that my essays are well written and unique and my ECs are very good. My transcript also shows an A is regular Chemistry junior year and this year I am taking AP Chemistry.</p>

<p>^Does that help at all?</p>

<p>That could actually be bad. If you got an A on chemistry and only a 510 on the SAT’s, Cornell might think your school just inflates students’ grades and GPA’s.</p>

<p>Because the SAT IIs were only recommended, does it still make a huge impact?</p>

<p>I personally think so. If a college recommends it, you should really heed their suggestions. In your case, however, I really think that it would’ve been better if you didn’t send your chem score, because it could inadvertently jeopardize your other academic scores.</p>

<p>Edit: You can also read this: <a href=“[/url]”>SAT Subject Tests - Cornell University - College Confidential Forums</a></p>

<p>@Xeroday…I saw something similar on the Cornell requirements website. It said they are recommended not required. However, I had chosen to send my math IIc score immediately by checking the box on Collegeboard, however I did not realize my chem score would get sent as well. They already have it :(</p>


<p>What do you think???</p>

<p>bball, it’s one test on one day – anyone can have a bad day. Chemistry’s probably not a huge deal for Applied Econ & Mgt major, anyway… so hopefully it won’t carry all that much weight. Good Luck tomorrow!!</p>

<p>i am a current aem freshman and i recently helped my friend in high school (current senior) apply to aem – he was in the same sitaution as you. we contacted the aem office and they don’t care about sat 2’s anymore so chill</p>

<p>if you really want to -
send the 740 (my friends in aem had low 700’s) but not the chem one and you’ll be fine</p>