<p>Okay, i'm gonna cut right to the chase. My SAT IIs sucked. Really badly. </p>

<p>If I take them again in January, will Duke accept them, or should I just not bother?</p>

<p>How bad are they? If they are 700+, no need to retake them. Otherwise, retake them in Jan. and Duke will accept them</p>

<p>uh, not 700 +. Can I still sign up? (late registration was yetserday)...?</p>

<p>ehhh, my friend got into columbia early with SAT IIs of 630,670, 760</p>

<p>if you have things that make up for low sat ii scores dont bother, but i think duke does accept jan scores, i could be wrong, but my friend took chem in january and he got into duke, so i guess. youll be fine =)</p>

<p>yeah, i have the same problem. one SAT 2 score's awesome - Math 2c -770. But i totally bombed the Bio SAT 2 - 620. Don't know what to do.</p>

<p>Hey, you can take the SAT's as a walk on. Arrive early for the SAT II's. Since the SAT books come in packs of five there's just over a 4 in 5 chance you'll be able to take the SAT II.</p>

<p>I say just over in case someone doesn't show up.</p>

<p>Really? I didn't know you could do that! I need to. I mean, my scores REALLY sucked. </p>

<p>Another question about this... if I also took the ACT with writing, and that score was really good, could I cancel my SAT IIs to Duke and use that instead? Or not?</p>