<p>I'm currently a junior in AP Calc 1....I wanted to originally take my SAT II's in June after I have had AP Chem (I was going to take the Math IIC, Chem, and some English one...probably lit. since they are getting rid of writing). But since I am going to have a ton of standardized tests around May and June, I was wondering if I could just take the SAT II in math in January. Can we take only one at a time? Because, if I'm correct, it only covers through pre-calc. So, I'd be prepared to take the Math and study a bit over Christmas break...</p>

<p>You may take up to 3 SAT2s at a sitting. It depends on how well you tolerate long sittings of standardized test as to the advisability of taking 3 on the same day. At S's school, the recommend taking the SAt1 in March and May, and the SAT2s in June at the end of the course. However, you can really take the math earlier as you are in calc--it may even be advantageous to do so. Some kids who are in the advanced math take the math SAT2 sophomore year as the subject matter covered is really precal on down and it is optimal to take the test when you are taking either the Alg2 with trig or Precalc. So your strategy seems to be good. I suggest taking a practice exam to gauge your readiness for the tests. In general, it is advised to take the SAT2 related to the courses you are taking that year. Preparing for the AP Chem will help you prepare for the SAT2 chem. If you are taking American History, the June date might be optimal for that exam.</p>

<p>woocollege, jamimom is right, you would probably have an advantage taking the SAT II in Math (IIc) in January. Get one of the good test prep books like Barrons or PR and go over it carefully during the XMAS break. You can certainly take just one test at a time if you want to do so. The IIc test has an easier curve than most of the other SAT II tests, so this is a good one to complete in your junior year, especially since you are in Calc.</p>

<p>Jamimom: Do you really think that the AP Chem test is good practice for the SAT II in Chem...I always thought that the AP tests were a lot harder than the SAT's (more intensive), so I thought I would not even need to study for the SAT II in Chemistry after taking AP (maybe just take a practice test or two).</p>