<p>I was wondering which SAT IIs were actually required for most programs, and which were practically required.</p>

<p>Most programs require Writing, Math, and a science. However, some specify that the Math must be level IIC and the science must be chemistry.</p>

<p>Can anyone tell me if I can get into BS/MD programs with a low math 11 c and chemistry scores i.e. 690 and 680 respectively. The rest of criterion like SAT 1 scores, Class rank and extracurricular activities are basically at the same level as some of the people who got into the combined medical programs in previous years.</p>

<p>Yes you can! For example, my father was required to take a foregn language for Boston Univeristy (they have since changed this requirement) and he got a 470 on the SAT II in German and was still accepted into the program. A 690 and 680 are not bad scores so you can definitely get in!</p>