<p>I took the SAT IIs and got my scores (LIT: 740, USH: 760, French: 590)</p>

<p>I know that Yale accepts 2 SAT IIs and I'm kicking myself right now for not dropping French in the first place. I know Yale's Score Choice Policy, and that I have to submit all...</p>

<p>So, if I retake it next fall and get my goal (700), will a 590 hurt me?</p>

<p>Thanks and best wishes!</p>

<p>From the</a> Yale Website:

Some colleges will consider only my highest scores. Why does Yale require a full testing history?</p>

<p>In some cases an applicant’s testing history can provide useful contextual information to the admissions committee. Although the committee works with summary information that focuses attention on the highest officially reported scores you attained on each section of the SAT I, the highest scores on individual subject tests and/or the highest ACT composite score, committee members and the readers of your application will have access to a full history of all officially reported scores.


<p>Most colleges consider an applicants highest score in making their admissions decisions.</p>

<p>Thank you! So your feeling: It won't hurt me, as long as I improve. </p>




<p>I just found this from the Yale RD thread:
SAT IIs: 800 USH; 790 Math 2; 730 WH; 730 Lit; 590 German (Didn't send this one)</p>

<p>Is that allowed because they took more than 3? (and sorry, I don't mean to single anyone out)</p>

<p>He/She could have canceled that score, or that scenario could have occurred because the applicant took the SAT II's on different dates and decided not to send the one with German.</p>

<p>If they cancelled the score, wouldn't they not receive it? And if you take two sets of SAT IIs, you have to send only one?</p>

<p>Looking on the College</a> Board website might answer some of your questions. </p>

And if you take two sets of SAT IIs, you have to send only one?

No, you can send one, both, or neither. Yale would like to receive all of your scores, but if you cancel your score(s) for a particular date, then Yale won't see them, and you won't violate any rules as far as I know.</p>

<p>I did, and found this: </p>

<p>What test results should I report?</p>

<p>Yale requires results from all of the SAT I and SAT II tests or all of the ACT tests you have taken. If you choose to fulfill our testing requirement with SAT scores, then it is not necessary to send any scores from the ACT, even if you have taken the ACT. And if you choose to fulfill the requirement using the ACT, you do not need to send us any SAT scores, unless you wish.</p>

<p>However, and this is important, if you elect to use the SAT scores, you must report all scores from all SAT exams (both SAT I and SAT II) that you have taken. If you elect to use ACT scores, you must report all scores from all ACT exams you have taken. And if you choose to use a combination of SAT and ACT results, we require that you report all scores from both agencies.</p>


<p>So, I don't think you CAN cancel, if you've seen the scores, so then would that you mean you couldn't send just "one," but instead, "both"?</p>

<p>Thank you for all of your help! Good luck to everyone.</p>

<p>The person probably violated Yale's score choice policy, that is the only way they could have done that. Though not recommended I'm guessing a fair amount of people do it and it only would be a problem when reviewing your application. I don't think they would care if they learned you violated their policy when you were already there. It's just an ethical thing to do.</p>

<p>I got my SAT II scores back. I had a dismal showing because I didn't really study: 740 Bio M, 750 Math 2, 770 US. </p>

<p>Is this acceptable?</p>

<p>^Those scores are by no means dismal. They are certainly acceptable, but if you feel that you can do better, you can always retake.</p>

<p>Yale's lack of scorechoice is probably the reason I won't apply. I have solid top scores, but two of my testing dates were most dismal.</p>

<p>I plan to take those exact Subject Tests (Lit, USH and French)! My friend tried to convince me to take Math too although I'm not interested in sciences at all (I want to study Art History).
Anyway, there's quite a gap between your Lit and USH scores and your French one.... is the French subject test that hard?</p>

<p>^IMO, I think the French subject test (and other language tests) seem harder because they have a much harsher curve than other tests (ex. USH, Math II) due to the large amount of native speakers who take the test.</p>

<p>Colleges sort of hold back on the importance of the SAT II. </p>

<p>How important are they, exactly? I mean, schools like UChicago and WashU and even Stanford don't require them...</p>


<p>first of all, those scores are really good and keep you as a competitive applicant at yale. Yeah, compared to CC they seem sort of "bad", but 700+ is competitive for top schools. Around 750 and up is really competitive. </p>

<p>At the top colleges, the SATs really aren't going to be what get you in. More and more, it seems as though you need to make sure your SATs and SAT 2s keep you competitive. Once they are all around 750 and up, it all comes down to ECs and your Essay. If you are absolutely positive you can get the lower ones up by a significant amount, then i guess you could take it, but I really don't think its worth your effort. </p>

<p>As to your second question, I actually was at the Yale admissions info session on Tuesday, and decided what the hey, why not ask this question. In case some are curious, my question was worded "I've always been curious, how much weight do the SAT 2 scores hold in comparison to the SAT 1?" Her answer was: equal weight.</p>

<p>However, like I said, you really want mid 700s range scores to keep you competitive, and then I have always gotten the sense (especially with everyone at these info seshs saying "its all about who you are HOLISTICALLY) that if you get past the SAT round (which you will with those scores) it comes down to the ECs and essay and such.</p>

<p>Hi everyone,
Sorry to be asking a question within this post, however regarding SAT IIs...
Obviously I got my scores back today.. and they were quite bad! [560 World, 580 Bio <-- That's what happens when you don't study ;) ]
I am intending on retaking the World History test, however screw Bio, I am DONE with that!
So when applying specifically to Yale, do you <em>have to</em> send these scores? Because if so, well crap. :/ If I do well on other subject tests (which is a long shot for me, personally...) how much should this affect my overall application? Standardized tests are just not my thing.</p>

<p>Ouch. What happened with French?</p>