SAT IIs??????

<p>Do I need SAT II for Brown University if I took the ACT with writing?</p>

<p>no, you don’t.</p>

<p>Learn to use the search function, or to read the Brown Undergraduate Admissions page, both have the answer.</p>

<p>[Let</a> me google that for you](<a href=“LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You”>LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You)</p>

<p>i took 3 sat 2s and i have a 35 on ACT, the brown adcom said that it wasn’t necessary but it is highly recommended to take sat 2s even if you take the Act</p>

<p>I don’t understand. Nowhere on Brown’s website does it “highly recommend” SAT IIs. The ACT is just alternative and they don’t prefer one over the other. I don’t want a disadvantage because I didn’t talk to an adcom who told me that SAT IIs are highly recommended anyway, even though it specifically says ACT can replace both SAT I and II on Brown’s website.</p>

<p>If an adcom really said that, the inconsistency is disturbing, and I’m even more worried about my chances at Brown now. :/</p>

<p>^^^JFVollegirl27 Whoa!! That was so cool!</p>

<p>As amazed as franglish. How did you do that? And that should be the official answer for about 75% of the questions on here (i.e., do some research! especially if you think you are qualified to go to Brown).</p>

<p>potterpie: The official answer is that the ACT with writing is fine. What the ad com who spoke to jenga might have been saying is that the more data in your favor the better, so that if you have strong SAT IIs it can only help you to submit them too.</p>