SAT Illusions

<p>Ok, here it is.
The easier you THINK the SAT is and the BETTER you feel about your SAT after u take it, the WORSE score you will get afterwards. this happens to every time, whether in mock or real SAT's....
w. t. f.</p>

<p>I completely agree. On my Writing and US History SAT IIs I thought I got a 650 (at the highest) on both of them and ended up with a 790 and 800. Now, on Oct SAT I think, "oh, 1580 or 1550 for sure" and what do I get? A FRIGGIN 1510!!!! If standby didn't cost 35 more dollars...</p>

<p>I don't know if that's always true. I felt that way for Sat 2 bio, (that I bombed it..then ended up doing ok) but for SAT I, I thought I really lucked out with the was snowing and peaceful and the room was a really nice library. I was really happy that day just because I finished it. Of course I proceeded to feel really bad and nervous for two weeks, but I did fine.</p>

<p>Wow, I agree. I felt horrible after taking the SAT I, and I actually did well. The opposite's happened to me too (but for tests at school).</p>

<p>I agree for all tests, like even school tests, I trick myself into thinking I got a terrible grade, and then I always get a good grade</p>

<p>Of course it feels worse when you think you might have done badly and you actually do. I haven't seen my scores yet but I am not expecting much. Ungh.</p>

<p>i'm sure you'll do fine legend</p>

<p>I think it has to do with the fact that you are more careless if u think something is easy.SAT is easy, but you lose a lot of points for careless mistakes.</p>

<p>When I took my test I knew I was getting my a$$ kicked on math, but verbal seemed easy. Did fine on the verbal score but got totally spanked on math. Can we say retake?! Grrr.</p>