SAT in a month! Help Required!

<p>Okay so i'm about to register for SAT test which will be held on 28th Jan. I have only a month to study for it. I know i can't score much in a month neither do i require such a high score. Anything above 1600 will be considered applicable. </p>

<p>So i have the official college board book also referred to as the blue book with me right now. This is the first time i am appearing for the SAT reasoning test. I need someone to guide me point to point on how to utilize 1 whole month and study for it? And how many words should i look forward to in learning and any specific word list. </p>

<p>Any other words of advice would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<p>Please note i will be preparing for it myself. Can't afford to take any tuitions right now.</p>

<p>For writing, read silverturtle's guide and answer the BB's practice tests
For vocab, memorize Direct Hits volume 1 & 2 (400 words in total)
For math, i think dr chung's is good</p>

<p>^ Can you please post links of the above listed.</p>

<p>That would greatly help me. =)</p>

<p>Oh and do you guys think it is possible to score 1600 above in a months time. </p>

<p>How many vocabulary words should i look forward to in learning?</p>

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<p>as for direct hits, it's a book, buy it, or download it and live with the guilt</p>

<p>and ya, everything is possible with keen practice</p>

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<p>For essay writing, this thread is golden. It helped me go from a 9 in October to an 11 in December. Make sure to practice writing LOTS of essays if you're worried about that.</p>

<p>The SAT is not a test of intelligence, as the uneducated majority believe. The SAT -may be- correlated with intelligence, but ultimately, it measures your capability or - better said - aptitude in three subjects: critical reading, logic and reasoning, and writing. These are all skills that can be perfected through smart practice, determination, and hard-work. One might ask, why did my friend score 2300 with a couple of months of prep., while I, who has been prepping for 6 months have yet to break 2100. The answer is simple: I never said the SAT was completely detached from intelligence. One person with a considerably high IQ would probably perform better in a shorter period of time, than one with an average IQ. The point is, however, with practice and diligence, you can easily achieve a score of above 2000. The question is, can you do it in a month? Probably not, but it's okay to try, and you'll probably brush on the goal.</p>

<p>Read the stickied threads in this section to be equipped with the best tactics and strategies to utilize on the exam. Go through the Bluebook diligently and use every bit of it, it's the best prep. book out there. Do the practice tests with the utmost focus you can gather; these tests are pure gold. Save the first three tests for last, which are considered accurate indicators of your aptitude, and start from the third and move up till the tenth.</p>

<p>I'll be sure to read the guides given here but what i need right now is "smart study" since i'm on a short time period here. </p>

<p>So what i have decided is to learn Direct Hits Volume 1 & 2 words since those are the only one's i can do with in a month. Go through the blue book and side by side go through silver turtle's guideline and yes the essay guide aswell. After i'm done with the guides i'll try to attempt as many BB practice tests as i can.</p>

<p>Do you guys think this is a good effective study plan and i can complete it in a month's time?</p>