SAT last-minute studying

Hi, I’m taking the SAT soon, and the math section is what I’m most worried about. I don’t have much time left, so what should be my main emphasis for the next few days? Should I focus on taking practice tests and just going over the questions I missed, or should I read about the concepts tested?
I feel like I have a general knowledge of pretty much most of the topics, but I don’t know if that’ll be enough to get me into the 700s range since I’m in the mid to lower 600s for math right now.

Note: I have the Barron’s New SAT book and also study from Khan Academy and old college board practice tests. Which do you think would be the best studying tools?

I would make use of the Barron’s book because it should have practice tests with explanations. It would be smart to practice the math sections and look at the explanations for the ones you get wrong. The explanations should teach you quick ways to get to the right answer that will help you to the 700+. Good luck!