Sat lit

<p>im taking the test this saturday and i cant help but feel nervous</p>

<p>ive been getting consistently about 5-12 wrong (700-780s) on practice tests in kaplans, barrons, and mcgraw hill but sometimes there are one or two passages that i misunderstand and completely bomb. especially the old english poems. my lowest score is a 640 and my highest score is an 800. i've completed all practice tests on mcgraw hill, kaplans, and barrons,
and the score fluctuates within the 650-800 area. </p>

<p>any last minute advice or tips on keeping my score consistent?
and what would the score be on the real test if i ended up with like 9-12 wrong?

<p>wow you practiced so much! I guess only to relax? </p>

<p>Anyway how long have you been preparing for it? Did anything particularly help cuz I'm thinking about taking it too</p>