SAT math II

<p>why does it seem to me that, A LOT of people get 800's on the MATH II test?? is it easy?? or is it because the people that take the math II test are realy good at math?</p>


<p>The people who normally take the Math IIC test, most of the time, are very gifted at mathematics already. I believe I just read a couple of days on CC that an 800 can be in the 91% percentile because of raw scores.</p>

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<p>any more suggestions???????????</p>

<p>whoever was talking about percentiles above is right because I got an 800 last year and it was 91st percentile
so 9 percent of people get 800s, which is a whole lot of people compared to other subject tests</p>

<p>Part of it is that the people taking it are generally good at math, part of it is the really nice curve...</p>