SAT Math inverse problems

<p>Hey guys. I need some help with inverse problems on the math section. i dont have a specific problem but if you guys know what i'm talking about, i would appreciate it if you helped.</p>

<p>Do you mean proportions?</p>

<p>It would help if you posted a question</p>

<p>Post some example problems.</p>

<p>yeahh the inverse proportion problems. something like x=25, y=5, what is the inverse of x if y=75. something like that... idk if that made sense... sorry. ill look for a specific one tomorrow if that did not help..</p>

<p>Ok i think I understand what you are trying to ask.</p>

<p>If X and Y are directly proportional than as x and y increase at the same rate. So lets say X=25 and y=5 . </p>

<p>If Y=75 than X=375.
Why? Well, since the two variables are directly proportional they change by the same factors. .</p>

<p>Y went from 5 to 75 so it increased by a factor of 15.</p>

<p>Now if they are inversely proportional than as one increases by a certain factor the other decreases by that certain factor. </p>

<p>So. Y goes from 5 to 75. factor is 15.</p>

<p>Than X goes from 25 to (25/15). instead of multiplying X you divide it by that factor.</p>

<p>Hope that helps</p>

<p>ohh!! that's exactly correct. thanks!
so since y was increased by a factor of 15 i would then divide the x by 15!</p>

<p>Yes. exactly!!!</p>