SAT Math is easy

<p>...until you make careless errors.</p>

<p>We all know that ETS, no matter how much they deny it, designs the Math SAT to trip people up. And the fact that the math curve is brutal doesn't help one bit.</p>

<p>Any tips on avoiding pitfalls within the time period?</p>

<p>Some of my own tips:</p>

<p>Read absolutely EVERY single word in every question twice. Underline ones that seem important, and circle the ones that are already underlined.</p>

<p>Side lengths and the Pythagorean theorem: Make sure you square the ENTIRE expression, especially if there is a fraction involved (ie, if there is a side of length 1/2 x, square the 1/2 as well. Obvious mistake, but it's still easy to skip something like that)</p>

<p>Negative signs. 'Nuff said</p>

<p>If you are solving an expression with multiples of variables (2x, 5y, and the like), and the question asks you "What is x?" or "What is y?", MAKE SURE YOU GET RID OF THE COEFFICIENTS. I always forget to do this, and I miss the easiest part of the hard questions and get the whole thing wrong :(.</p>

<p>Any else?</p>

<p>Here are a couple that I see students mess up more often than they should:</p>

<li><p>For some wierd reason, mis-reading "even" for "positive" or the other way around...</p></li>
<li><p>Including zero as a positive integer -- of course it's not, but it IS even.</p></li>

<p>I know a 2390 who would have had 2400 if it were not for one of those...</p>

<p>And I agree: read EVERY word. And look at every diagram. </p>

<p>Good luck tomorrow...</p>

<p>0 is not a positive even integer</p>

<p>SAT facts about the number 0</p>

<p>It is not positive nor is it negative
It IS an integer
It IS even</p>

<p>Other facts:</p>

<p>Inclusive means to INCLUDE EVERY number given.
Exclusive means to include only numbers BETWEEN the numbers given.</p>

<p>Consecutive Odd or Even numbers
are x+2, x+4 etc.</p>

<p>Consecutive Integers are</p>

<p>x+1, x+2 etc.</p>

<p>paralled have equal slopes, perpendicular is (1/slope)(-1)</p>

<p>Multiples: 50 is a multiple of 10 and 5 etc.</p>

<p>Rate * Time= Distance</p>

<p>Rate is =Velocity/Speed</p>

<p>Hopefully I also don't slip up lol.</p>

<p>Nervous about math... I got a 690 in March but I struggled with some of the BB math. </p>

<p>Good luck everyone</p>

<p>SAT Math is easy but the curve is unforgivably harsh! I got one wrong in January and ended up with a 770 :(</p>

<p>Things to remember: The average speed is not simply the average of two speeds, you have to incorporate the distance traveled by those two speeds!!!</p>