SAT MATH question !!!

<p>Of the 400 people who visited a certain museum, 250 identified themselves as patrons of the arts, and 141 identified themselves as students, what is the max number of the 400 visitors who consider themselves both patrons of arts and students??? </p>

<p>right answer: 141</p>

<p>There are 400 people who visited the museum.
250 are patrons.
141 are students.</p>

<p>How can you get the max number of people, who are both patrons and students? Obviously, the max number of both can only be 141. Why? Because there are only 141 students. If there were 300 students for example, then the max number of patrons and students would be 250. Why? Because there are only 250 patrons available. Do you understand the underlying logic?</p>