SAT Maths IIC - Facing problem

<p>I am facing problem in maths level 2 SAT. Though the paper is quite easy, i am unable to familiarize myself with the graphing calculator (as in India, students are discouraged from using a normal calculator during their school life, let alone a graphing one. I got my graphing calc. in 12th few days ago specifically for SAT). </p>

<p>But the calc. has so many functions, it takes me 5 mins to find the right one. I can do the questions without any calc. but it would certainly take me more than 60 mins to do all the questions. Can some1 suggest a site where i can get instructions on using the damn thing only for SAT(only for functions which are generally used in SAT exam). I do not need it for any other purpose.</p>

<p>I will give me SAT 2 in november.

<p>What kind of calculator do you have? Instructions should be included with the calculator, or you can look it up online.</p>

<p>Most basic functions (arithmetic operations, trig/logarithmic, square/nth root, exponentiation) should be easy to find. For less common functions, e.g. computing binomial coefficients or evaluating integrals, there might be a separate menu. There should also be a command that lets you solve equations (nsolve for TI calculators, for example), but I would only use this on equations that would be messy to solve by hand (e.g. certain cubics).</p>

<p>I also remember one math II question which involved finding a least-squares regression. For that, you’ll have to enter the data in a spreadsheet and find the linear regression. That’ll take some time to learn, but isn’t too difficult. In fact that math II question likely could’ve been solved by approximating the linear regression.</p>

<p>I have TI-84 + silver. Isnt it just easier to solve problems without calc. I tried once and was easily able to solve 40 questions.With just a little bit more practise,i can surely go upto 45-46</p>

<p>Practice, practice, practice. You have more than a month to get ready and you should be working on sample tests anyway. The more you use your calculator the more comfortable it will be become.</p>

<p>Nearly all of the questions can be solved without a calculator. It’s best to just take some practice tests. Only use the calculator when it is actually necessary (or to check answers).</p>