SAT Measures How Few Stupid Mistakes You Make

<p>Ok, so now that I've gotten your attention, I must ask:</p>

<p>What is the best way to improve your MC Writing score? Like what methods do you do to help reduce the amount of grammar problems that one gets wrong?</p>

<p>This is because I'm at the point where I am getting above 2250 and my peak so far in my practice tests is a 2300. However, I get so frustrated because the mistakes I am making (for the most part) are stupid errors and if I hadn't made those errors (I missed 1 on math and it dropped my Math score to a 770-ridiculous), it would be higher. However the section that I am still making errors due to "lack of knowledge" is the writing section (not essay, just grammar) so does anybody have tips on how to improve this?</p>

<p>Know the rules. Ask CC for help? (I.e I got this one wrong, what rule should I have known? Why is it wrong?)</p>

<p>You can get the Barron's writing workbook; it worked for me. It contains all the rules in a well organized manner. Then again, you can simply search them up.</p>

<p>This is so me!!!!</p>

<p>I almost never don't "get" the concepts, but I do something retarded and mess it all up. I spendt a long time practicing, knowing the tricks they were obviously trying to use to make me do that, and brought mine up from a 2140 to a 2360. I made my lowest score in math, probably to defintely because of a careless error ( I corrected one during the test) and got a 770, but It wasn't really enough to bother me. Just KNOWE the tricsk, and while you are taking the test, always think: They are TRYING to mess me up</p>

<p>The whole "hearing it in your head" technique resulted in -1 MC for me. I'd suggest if anything just go to sparknotes.What type of MC score are you getting?</p>