SAT - new 2016 test

Trying to decide if it will hurt my Sophomore daughter to take ‘old’ SAT this June (she wants to do it now and be done with it). When applying for colleges as a senior will her scores then be compared to scores of students who have mostly taken the ‘new’ 2016 test as Juniors, and is this a problem/disadvantage?

The college Board talks about “concordance between tests”……but it’s not clear if she’ll be at a disadvantage having ‘old’ scores at a time when the vast majority of the students they will be reviewing will have ‘new’ scores.

I’d like to support her in getting the testing done now but don’t want it to hurt her. She was evaluated and it was found that she tests better on the SAT than the ACT, so wants to prep for the SAT in particular as the prep is different for each test.

Actually, most Juniors will probably take the old test in the fall and if they want to take again, will take the new test in the spring. That seems like it will be very confusing for all concerned.